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Labocosmetica VERITAS Panel Wipe and Degreaser 4500ml

Labocosmetica VERITAS Panel Wipe and Degreaser 4500ml

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VÈRITAS is much more than an IPA or panel wipe - VÈRITAS is a swirls highlighter, indispensable before application of the coating or the sealant, which cleans and degreases the surface before any nano treatment, removing any type of lubricating oil (either paraffin or new generation synthetic oils) and polish, highlighting the underlying imperfections without whitening the paint. All products on the market have strong volatility, which does not allow the product to completely remove working oils.

VÈRITAS can be diluted up to 1:5 and can be used neat to fix issues during application of ceramic coatings.

VÈRITAS, unlike IPAs which evaporate very quickly and are unable to clean deeply, has been specifically developed to achieve the best results even in the summer months. IPA solutions are normally used for checking after polishing, to clean a surface before the final protection pass, being helpless against the dust which tends to deposit immediately afterwards.

However, VÈRITAS is able to completely remove polishing oils and also, thanks to its high antistatic effect, to repel dust, which allows one to work with ease during application of the coating. Cleaning with this product assures a better final result and the coating molecules will be able to best adhere to the surface, assuring long lasting protection.

But VÈRITAS is much more: it provides help to detailers during application of the coating: if any halos have been created in the first hour after application of the coating, it can be reworked without removing it, using a microsuede cloth soaked with the product to smooth out the error. Thanks to its specific formula, it may also be used in an innovative way, as check control of the coating life during the washing stage: many shampoos, in fact, leave micro residues of surfactants that do not allow the coating to manifest itself and might cause the detailer to err, as it might wrongfully think that the coating has disappeared.

Thanks to VÈRITAS this problem is completely prevented.

How to use Labocosmetica Veritas

VÈRITAS can be used pure or diluted up to 1:5.

Pure to eliminate old protections or to solve problems during the application of a coating. Diluted 1:1 as a control in the spot test phase while diluted from 1:3 to 1:5 as a normal post-polishing check. In case of pure product, spray VÈRITAS on a microfibre cloth and then wipe the surface. In case of diluted product, spray it directly on the surface. Avoid dispensing the pure product directly on the bodywork. To check the health of the coating, after washing the car and with the car wet, spray VERITAS on the surface of the hood from a distance of 60 cm, then rinse with a jet of water. If used pure, spray the product on a short-haired microfiber cloth and then pass it over the affected area, taking care not to apply any pressure, preferring linear movements and then finish with the dry side of the cloth. If used diluted, spray the product on the affected area and then with a microfiber cloth without any pressure spread it on the surface, at the end finish the surface with the dry side of the microfiber cloth. Do not use VERITAS on hot surfaces or under sources of heat , in the presence of surfaces painted with a single layer \ direct gloss system, avoid drying the product on the surface.

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