Litmus pH Test Paper for pH 1-14 (80 Strips)

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Pack of 80 Litmus Test Paper to test liquids between pH 1-14.

Use these test papers strips to determine the pH grade of any liquid like acid, alkaline or pH neutral.

Ideal to make sure a certain products is matching the description such as pH neutral snow foam, acid wheel cleaner or alkaline based cleaning products.


  • Strip size: 54 x 9mm
  • Made of the highest quality litmus for almost instantaneous results
  • Contains 80 litmus paper strips.
  • Full pH test range
  • Result in seconds

How to use the Litmus Test Papers

  • Simply dip the pH strip into your solution
  • Wait a few seconds
  • Compare the colour of the litmus strip with the scale
    • pH neutral: pH 7
    • Acid: below pH 7
    • Alkaline: above pH 7