EZ Detail Brush Little - Wheel & Engine Bay Brush

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The LittleĀ EZ Detail Brush allows you to clean the most intricate surfaces of your motorbike, car or vehicle, especially any hard to reach areas such as between wheel spokes and behind brake calipers.

Great for NOOKS and CRANNIES like those found on motorcycles and spoke wheels.Ā 

The LittleĀ version of the EZ Detail Brush is a smaller version of the popular original EZ Detail Motorcycle and Car Brush. With this compact detail brush, you can now clean in smaller spaces to totally eliminate brake dust, mud, and grime.

The EZ Detail Brush LittleĀ is perfect for cars, motorbikes, ATVs, mountain bikes and any vehicle with hard-to-clean spaces.

The soft nylon bristles will not scratch any coated, painted, polished, plated, or blank metal surface. Each bristle has a unique, multi-edge structure that provides excellent cleaning power, and the bristles bounce back to their original shape after each use.

The synthetic bristles are chemical resistant, so feel free to use this brush with any of your favourite wheel cleaners.

The tip of the EZ Detail Brush is covered in vinyl to prevent accidental scratches and scrapes.

A rubber knuckle guard protects you from getting too close to hard metal edges.

Another key feature of this brush is the rubber coated stem. Unlike many other brushes, the metal stem is rubber coated so won't scratch your wheels or bike.


  • Non-scratch bristles and rubber-coated stem
  • Cleans narrow gaps as well as large openings
  • Flexible bristles flatten to squeeze into small openings
  • Chemical resistant bristles can be used with any type of wheel cleaner
  • Size 30 cm x 6.4 cm