Ma-Fra Total 2.0 One Step & All In One Polish

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Total Polish All In One 2.0 by Ma-Fra is the perfect One Step Polish product for removing all marks and scratches (small/ medium) caused by inappropriate washing, normal imperfections, and scratches caused by 3000/4000 grit sandpaper. A medium cut polish that delivers superior gloss and shine to the vehicle's surface.

High level information

  • Silicone and filler free
  • Use with random orbital or rotary machines
  • Non dusting formula
  • Micro Cutting Formula
  • Anti-Hologram
  • Super Finishing and Easy Cleanup
  • Suitable for removing medium/severe marks, such as those due to incorrect washing, swirl marks, common imperfections and 3000/4000 grit sanding marks.
  • Medium-cut polish that gives gloss and silkiness to the paintwork

Ma-Fra is the parent company of Labocosmetica that offer one of the most advanced compounds and polishes on the market. The new 2.0 formula guarantees the elimination of micro-scratches and marks from car surfaces by offering superior abrasive performance while at the same time leaving a semi-polished finish, cutting and cleaning in-depth, without covering scratches or very obvious streaks.

Total Polish 2.0 is a very versatile water-based polish compound without silicones and fillers which, thanks to its Micro Abrasive Technology (MAT) formula, guarantees a decisive cut and an excellent finish already in the polishing phase.

Total Polish 2.0 is the ideal polish for both hard and soft surfaces and for the best result use Total Polish 2.0 with a wool pad and a rotary machine or microfibre pad and a DA machine. It has been specifically developed to reduce and simplify cutting times while maintaining an exceptional result similar to a trimmer, thus saving the operator time.

How to use Total Polish 2.0  

  • Rotary machine: Use at a rate of 600-900 rpm and then increase gradually at a rate of 1500 - 1800 rpm. Finish with light pressure at 600-900 rpm.
  • Random Orbit Polisher: Spread the product evenly at speed 1-2 over an area of 40x40cm, increase to maximum speed to polish until all the polish has been used. Remove any excess product using a microfibre cloth.

Total Polish 2.0 Safety Data Sheet