Maniac All Purpose Cleaner (APC) 500ml

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Maniac All Purpose Cleaner APC is a multi-surface cleaner and can be used for interiors and exteriors thanks to its great spectrum of action.

  • Universal APC, safe, concentrated and extremely effective: penetrates dirt and dissolves it without leaving streaks.
  • Safe on all surfaces, it effectively and safely acts even on sensitive and colored materials without fading them.
  • Odor Stop technology that instantly neutralizes unpleasant odors.
  • Also ideal for cleaning wheels, grills, engine compartments and insects
  • Permanently eliminates difficult mixed dirt on fabrics, carpets or plastics such as stains that incorporate organic and inorganic residues: a complex and difficult mix to remove with the classic detergents on the market.

    Respect the recommended dilutions.

    For interior use:
    remove the dust and vacuum the dirt well to avoid the recurrence of annoying marks on fabrics.

    For external use:
    do not use the product in the sun and do not allow it to dry.

    How to use Maniac APC

    Based on the type of dirt, its consistency and tenacity, and based on the material on which it is deposited, we will recommend different dilutions.


    We recommend diluting the product up to 1:5
    We dispense the solution directly on the surface to be treated and work it with a brush or a soft bristle brush, until foam is formed.
    Then we proceed directly to drying with the help of a dry and clean microfibre cloth.

    APC is safe on all surfaces, it acts effectively in safety even on sensitive or coloured materials such as carbon, aluminium or decals, without fading them.


    For the pre-wash phase and to eliminate insects on the bodywork and windshield 1:20.

    Wheels and engine bay 1:1 to 1:3 according to the type of dirt. Remove the dirt with a soft bristle brush and let it act for a few minutes.