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Maniac Foam Gun Pre-Wash 4500ml

Maniac Foam Gun Pre-Wash 4500ml

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Maniac Snow Foam Pre-Wash for foam guns is a powerful and safe foaming prewash with a dry and compact foam.
  • Eliminates environmental contamination, road dirt, insects and organic residues of plants or birds
  • Excellent economy thanks to high dilution ratios
  • It can be used frequently because it respects previously applied protective agents including nanotechnology-based or coating.
  • Multifunctional product: created to be used with pump sprayer or foam gun.
  • Using it with a high-pressure water cleaner makes the subsequent washing phase safer, eliminating 90% of dirt and allowing you to wash your car without the risk of creating swirls or micro-scratches.
  • Pleasantly scented 

Why, even if you wash the car by hand, personally and carefully wash after wash, you see micro-scratches and lines appear on the bodywork?
And when you empty the bucket, have you ever found dirt residues, such as soil at the bottom?

If the answer is YES, it means that no one has ever taught you the correct washing procedure: Let’s see it together:
Following the correct washing procedure, we start with cleaning rims and tires and their decontamination.

The next phase is the Pre-wash
it is carried out BEFORE proceeding with manual washing with shampoo.

PREWASH is the fundamental step that makes all the difference: we will in fact remove up to 80% of the coarse dirt present on the bodywork, without mechanical action, therefore without touching it.

Dirt particles firmly anchored to the bodywork, if you do not carry out a correct pre-wash, during manual washing will be transported by the glove or by the washing sponge with the risk of creating micro scratches (called “swirls” in the jargon) or worse deep scratches (called in jargon “rids”).

Only after having carried out a correct prewash can you proceed with manual washing in total safety. To learn more about the correct washing procedures, we invite you to watch the dedicated video.

How to use Maniac Foam Gun Pre-Wash

The product can be applied directly to the bodywork without wetting it first, even in the presence of very stubborn dirt such as insects and on the lower parts of the car that are always the dirtiest. Remove mud first with your power washer before applying the product. Ensure the car is in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight, and that the surface is not hot. Otherwise, cool the car first with water.

Let’s go back to the pre-wash: you can dispense the product in different ways, according to the type of dirt present on the car.

With manual sprayer for localized action on specific dirt.
The lower parts of the car are always the dirtiest.

By dispensing the product in low pressure directly onto the dirt, you will have an ideal performing and localized action on difficult dirt such as midges and mud.

Wait a few minutes for the product to act to remove the dirt from the surface. Finally, proceed with thorough rinsing at high pressure, helping yourself with the water jet to remove the coarsest residues of dirt. In this way, thanks to the kinetic energy of the pressure washer, you will remove the dirt that the emollient action of the pre-wash has detached from the surface.

In the summer, or if you find yourself working under the sun and at high temperatures, we suggest you wash and rinse one panel at a time.

So what is the correct procedure for a correct pre-wash?

Using a high-pressure foam gun, in winter dilute the product with a ratio of 1:5 (1 part product in 5 parts water), for a final-output dilution ratio of around 1:50, and in summer with a ratio of 1:10 (1 part product in 10 parts water) a final-output dilution ratio of around 1:100. Spray a thick layer of foam on the vehicle and wait for it to run off (this may take up to 5 minutes). Rinse the vehicle from top to bottom.

Using a low-pressure manual pump sprayer, in winter dilute with a ratio of 1:50 (1 part product in 50 parts water), 2 caps in 1 liter of water, and in summer with a ratio of 1:100 (1 part product to 100 parts water), 1 cap in 1 liter of water. Spray the product on the vehicle and wait 1 minute without letting the product dry on the bodywork then rinse 

Then, dispense it in foam gun mode, always from bottom to top following these dilutions:

  • Using a high-pressure foam gun, in winter dilute the product with a ratio of 1:5, for a final-output dilution ratio of around 1:50
  • and in summer with a ratio of 1:10 a final-output dilution ratio of around 1:100.

Spray a thick layer of foam on the vehicle and wait for it to run off (this may take up to 5 minutes).
Rinse the vehicle from top to bottom.

Safety Data Sheet

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