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Maniac Waterless with IK HC TR1 Sprayer

Maniac Waterless with IK HC TR1 Sprayer

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Waterless, from the Maniac line, is a revolutionary waterless cleaner that also offers an extraordinary shine, and has been specially formulated to be compatible with ceramic coatings. This product features a unique innovation: it can be used safely even in direct sunlight or high temperatures, without leaving halos, streaks or stains due to evaporation.

Unlike a quick detailer, Waterless is much safer to be used on surface dirt and dust to to its encapsulating formulation to avoid decontamination being dragged directly on the vehicle's surface. Safe to use on cars, motorbikes and even boats. 

  • Cleans and protects in a single operation without using water
  • High emulsion and lubricity making it ideal at car shows and meets without the need for a bucket.
  • It is designed to be safe on a wide range of surfaces
  • Improves colour and gives a silky, shiny finish
  • Anti Dirt Formula: limits the adhesion of dust and dirt
  • No streaks or residues
  • Optimal recommended dilution ration 1:10

Revolutionize the way you clean your car with Waterless from Maniac Line! Its innovative formula, enriched with synthetic polymers and an eco-friendly lubricant, allows you to achieve an extraordinary shine on chrome bodies and surfaces. Waterless stands out for its ease of application, leaving no haloes or residue, making buffing with a clean cloth unnecessary. You won't have to worry about overspray, as any excess product can be easily removed with a simple microfiber cloth. Waterless also leaves a self-cleaning protective layer on the bodywork, which limits the adherence of dust and dirt, keeping your vehicle clean for longer. Not just for cars, it is ideal for cleaning every surface from motorcycles to airplanes.

How to use Maniac Line Waterless

  • Evenly spray the product onto the surface to be cleaned, proceeding for small portions at a time (e.g., one panel).
  • Allow the product to moisten the surface by softening the dirt.
  • Fold the clean microfibre cloth into 4 parts. Pass the first side of the cloth over the surface, proceeding in one direction, gradually raising it as the dirt is removed
  • After cleaning is complete, finish the surface with a new, clean, dry microfiber cloth
  • Continue the cleaning process using, at each pass, a clean side of the cloth. 

This product provides optimal lubrication while using the cloth, minimizing the risk of micro-scratches caused by mechanical action. Synthetic polymers in the formula lift and encapsulate dirt, facilitating its removal without damaging or scratching the surface. The result? Improved color and a silky, glossy finish that lasts. It is important to keep in mind that despite its extraordinary capabilities, this product cannot completely replace a traditional wash, especially when it comes to removing mud or encrusted debris. However, it can be a valuable ally in the daily maintenance and care of your car. For best results, we strongly recommend the use of high-quality microfiber cloths. These cloths are specially designed to provide gentle, scratch-free cleaning of your car's surface. We recommend using at least 6-12 cloths to completely and safely wash the entire car. The use of high-quality microfibre cloths, together with Maniac Line's Waterless, will enable you to achieve effective cleaning and keep your car in top condition.

At high temperatures, Waterless evaporates slowly, ensuring a safe job without leaving residue or streaks and reducing the need for additional refinishing passes. If, on the contrary, temperatures are low, it evaporates quickly preventing the formation of halos, as it does not excessively moisten the microfiber cloth causing unsightly streaks and residues. This is why professionals love this product because it saves them time and gives them a flawless finish every time. This innovative product manages to protect and give a dirt barrier to all treated surfaces.

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