Poka Premium Bottle Holder - Small up to 500ml

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The Poka Premium small bottle holder is the perfect organiser for 6 of your favourite 0.5L bottles.

It is made to hold bottles without straining their atomizers making it ideal to use not only on walls but also in vans and other vehicles. It is also a great solution for storing polishing pastes.

The 4 mounting holes provide strength without bending. As in all of Poka Premium products, there are no sharp corners which make it safe to use.

These bottle holders are also compatible with the Poka Premium Detailing Trolley with modulate legs (multi-hole legs) as an additional hanger.

Made of high quality, durable steel. Precisely cut and bent, finally covered with a powder-coated finish to providing an additional protective layer against oxidation.


  • Holds 6 bottles
  • Length: 50cm
  • Width from the wall: 10cm
  • Height: 18cm
  • Bottle hole diameter: 6.9cm


  • Made of 1.5mm sheet metal 
  • Galvanized
  • Powder-coated
  • Compatible with the Poka Premium Detailing Trolley

Also available for 1L and 1.5L bottle sizes here