Poka Premium Double Machine Polisher Holder Rectangular

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The Poka Premium machine polisher holder provides a convenient way to store your 2, or up to 4, machine polishers and comes with a special storage compartment that hides the cables.

The holder is suitable for DA and rotary type machines with support plates from 30mm to 180mm 

Powder-coated finish providing an additional protective layer against oxidation.


  • Length: 37cm
  • Height: 60cm
  • Distance from the wall: 8cm
  • Holds up to 4 machine polishers
  • Sided excision is made for small polishing machines or other small components.


  • Made of 1.5mm sheet metal 
  • Galvanized
  • Powder-coated

Also available to as a triple version of for up to 5 machines here