Poka Premium Pad Feeder - Small Polishing Pads

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The Poka Premium Pad Feeder is a convenient and functional feeder for storing small polishing pads.

A specially designed gutter at the bottom of the feeder allows for the convenient removal of polishing pads.

The inner surface, with a diameter of 8.5cm, will accommodate pads with a diameter of 83mm.

Mounting elements placed in the upper and lower part of the feeder guarantee stability during the use of the feeder.

Made of high quality, durable steel. Precisely cut and bent, finally covered with a powder-coat to provide an additional protective layer against oxidation.


  • The feeder fits 83mm pads
  • Made of 1.5mm sheet metal 
  • Galvanized
  • Powder-coated

Also available in large as well as polishing pad shelf here