SGCB Car Detailing Premium Brush Set (Set of 5)

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The SGCB Premium Car Detailing Brush Set consists of 5 brushes in various sizes.

All brushes come with a long handle to make cleaning the different areas much easier. 

These premium bristle detailing brushes provide the optimal firmness for a multitude of applications.

Detailing brushes are ideal for the dozens of tasks requiring access to fiddly, hard-to-reach places and for agitating cleansing products.

This brush set is perfect for any car or motorcycle and helps cleaning wheels, emblems, dashboards, air vents, leather and fabric seats, brake Calipers, grilles and grates, engine bay, interior and exterior and so on.

Brush Sizes

  • #10: 205 mm
  • #12: 220 mm
  • #14: 225 mm
  • #16: 230 mm
  • #18: 240 mm


  • 5 different brush sizes - Choose the one that suits your needs. Long enough for easy reach into lug nuts, narrow or tight spaces.
  • Gentle & Soft - Great for using on soft Nappa leather seats or trim such as exterior emblems.
  • Handle holes- Keep your brushes handy and accessible with the handle hanging holes.
  • No metal parts - Natural boar hair with added synthetic bristles and handle made of 100% PP plastic
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant, offering a longer lifespan and durability compared to the ones with metal
  • Wet and dry - Great for wet and dry use.