SGCB Heavy Duty Mat Clamps

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Set of 4 Heavy Duty Mat Clamps in the typical SGCB colours.

Can be mounted to walls with screws or will also fit pegboards. 

Professional Industrial Grade Material

  • Made of strong ABS Engineering plastic
  • Impact, chemical, corrosion and age resistant.
  • Our heavy-duty spring easily holds even the heaviest mats in place.
  • Strong and sturdy clamps made of stainless steel spring do not rust.

Strong Gripping Power

  • Multi-angle clamp and non-slip design “teeth” for ultimate flexibility and tension. the mat will not slip even on old or wet mats.
  • Widely loved and popular with various kinds of people, a necessary tool for car lovers and fans! not only fit for car mats but for washing towels and detailing tools.

Multifunctional Fixing Method

  • The clamps can be directly mounted onto the wall
  • They can also be set up onto the cross bar of pegboard
  • Far easier to install and uninstall, so complete set your hands free!


  • The mat clamps helps you use the space more reasonably.
  • The mats can be hung in an orderly manner, the work area is neater.
  • Quickly dry the mats to avoid secondary pollution and the construction is more professional.
  • Size: 17 x 7 x 8cm