SGCB Microfibre Wheel Brush Kit

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The new SGCB Microfibre Wheel Brush Kit (similar to Wheel Woolies) is the best choice for a scratch free wheel clean.

The microfibre wheel brushes are anti-slip and bendable, allowing the brushes to reach even the most difficult to reach and awkward places.

The wheel brushes are the safest and most effective way to clean.

The benefit of these microfibre wheel brushes comes from their metal-free design which reduces scratches and brush splatter. The soft, dense fibres are 100% chemical resistant and hold suds to transfer them to the wheel.

The two-piece kit is great for any wheel size opening.

High-Level Information

  • 100% chemical resistant
  • Bendable
  • Soft and dense fibres
  • Total length: 40 cm
  • Brush head length large brush: 20 cm
  • Brush head length small brush: 12 cm