ShineMate EP801 G2 - Rotary Polisher 5"

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Introducing the all new ShineMate EP801 G2 polisher which are professionally designed and manufactured to the paint care industry.

This revised version features a improved motor, more precise gear system and easier to use spindle lock as well as a revised grip.

With a lightweight 2.2-kg body and scientific and rational weight distribution and extra long 5 meter lead makes this compact rotary polisher a pleasure to work with. It's ergonomic, compact shape allows the polisher to be held in several different hand-held positions.

It has a soft start and variable speed of 700-2500rpm with a advanced built in load sensing module to give a constant speed output. This combined with the newly designed double reduction gearing offers a higher torque output and gives the polsiher even better performance and resilience for long periods of use. The unique two-level gear structure outputs strong torque which is twice of the common single gear-set polishers.

The polisher comes complete with a very high quality 5 inch 'FlexEdge' backing plate manufactured microcelluar Urethane foam which has good rebound performance and can absorb vibrations.


  • Suitable for overall and partial car polishing
  • Ergonomic body design
  • Lightweight 2.2kg
  • Double-Reduction Gearing System to provides two times the torque of a single gear set polisher
  • Variable Speed 700-2500RPM, Soft-Start
  • Built-in speed stabiliser, to offer the constant speed output
  • Configured with long-life motor and carbon brush
  • 5-meter long power supply cord

Use suggested Max. 6″(150mm) foam/wool pad for best performance.

    Technical Specifications

    • Model: Shine Mate EP801 G2
    • Input Power: 800W (Max.1200W)
    • Speed: 700-2500 /min
    • Backing Plate size: 123mm (5")
    • Foam Pad size: 148mm (6)
    • Weight: 2.2 kg
    • Thread: M14
    • Accessories: 5" backing plate
    • Power Supply Cord: 5m

    What's in the box?

    • EP801 G2 Rotary Polisher
    • 5"EdgeFlex backing plate
    • Wrench
    • Side Handle
    • Spare set of bushes
    • Instruction manual


    • 12 months parts warranty