Stjarnagloss Bubblor - pH-Neutral High Gloss Car Wash Shampoo 500ml

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Our pH-neutral, gloss-enhancing shampoo adds a little shine and protection, too.

All car shampoos clean (with varying degrees of success) but ours isn’t just a world-class cleaning product.

It also adds shine and protection thanks to some added wax and sealant ingredients.

That means less dirt sticks to your car in between washes as well.

Also available in 100ml here

Stjarnagloss Bubblor Dilution Ratios

  • 1:400 heavy soiling/hard water
  • 1:600 regular maintenance wash
  • A capful is approx 6ml (so from 4-6 capfuls in a large bucket)

Stjärnagloss Bubblor MSDS