Stjarnagloss Fantastisk - High Performance Hybrid Wax

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High-performance hybrid wax combining natural and synthetic ingredients.

In a world full of sealants, waxes still rule supreme for daily driven cars (especially if they're a few years old).

They fill blemishes and swirls more effectively than nano-ceramic sealants and a good finish can be achieved easily.

Whilst sealants may leave streaky, inconsistent finishes if inexpertly applied, waxes tend to buff to a beautiful, even shine. Whether you're a novice or a pro.

Stjärnagloss Fantastisk is no exception and is supremely easy to apply.

Just wipe on with a foam applicator, allow to haze (5-15 mins in normal conditions) and then buff to a high gloss for 4-6 months of protection.

Easy and effective.

Stjärnagloss Fantastisk MSDS