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Stjarnagloss Först X - Citrus Pre-Cleaner Concentrate 1L

Stjarnagloss Först X - Citrus Pre-Cleaner Concentrate 1L

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Yes, we are giving you the super strength Citrus pre-cleaner you've wanted for maximum economy - dilute it yourself for the citrus cleaning fire power you've come to expect from regular Först.

There's a reason why regular Först became a leading Traffic Film Remover (TFR) with an enviable reputation - nothing else strips off heavier contamination quite like it, thanks to its powerful surfactants, solvent additives and citrus cleaners. And natural orange oil within the formula means it smells great, too.

But we've always had pro detailers ask us for a concentrate version because regular Först was always sold "ready to use" (RTU). A concentrate gives more flexibility with how it's used (dilution ratios) and can give more economy. Something we're all grateful for in these cash-strapped times.

So now there's Först X. The same Först you know and love, but bottled at DOUBLE STRENGTH. Dilute it down 50/50 with water to make regular Först, or dilute it down even further for lighter cleans. And whilst you could use it at full 'X-tra' strength, there's really no need. Först is phenomenal as it is.

How to use Stjarnagloss Först X

Dilute Först X 50/50 with water before use. 1 litre of Först X makes 2 litres regular Först.

Stjärnagloss Först X MSDS

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