Stjarnagloss Hjul - Wheel Cleaner and Fallout Remover (Colour Changing) 500ml

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Stjarnagloss Hjul is not just an iron remover – Hjul is a genuine all-round ph-neutral wheel cleaner.

You may have seen colour change wheel cleaners before, but ours is different.

It’s a thicker recipe for a bit more dwell time and contains soap to remove general road grime, as well as the active ingredient that removes ferrous brake debris.

But it also has some solvent content to soften tar spots – those little black dots that often pretend to be stubborn brake dust deposits.

It’s pH neutral too, so you can use it with some of the more sensitive wheel materials and finishes (but always rinse it thoroughly after use).

Try the others, then settle on ours. It’s that good.

Available in 100ml, 500ml and 1L here

Hjul also makes an excellent 'fallout remover' for removing iron deposits on the bodywork.

Usually, these would be clayed off, but some like to use chemical fallout removers instead (or after the claying stage for the ultimate decon regime).

To use in this way, simply spray onto the bodywork, allow the colour change to occur and rinse thoroughly - especially around any brightwork or metal trim. Never let it dry onto metal trim, or dwell too long on these delicate surfaces.

Whilst it is pH-neutral it could stain sensitive finishes if left unchecked on them for extended periods of time.