WashMe Detailing Swabs Box

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The must have for every detailer. The WashMe Detailing Swabs Box with 272 pieces to reach all the nooks and crannies and even the most hidden and awkward places. All swabs are high quality foam and anti-static.

The Box of Tricks includes:

  • 10x Long Round Swabs
    • Length: 18cm
  • 20x Standard Swab Long
    • Length: 16cm
  • 20x Standard Swab Short
    • Length: 14cm
  • 15x Medium Square Swabs
    • Length: 12cm
  • 25x  Pointed Swabs
    • Length: 8.9cm
  • 50x Bamboo Cotton Buds
    • Length: 7.3cm
  • 100x Toothpicks
    • Length: 6.5cm
  • 8x Number Plate Caps White
    • Yellow available for our NI and UK customer on request
  • 8x Number Plate Caps Black
  • 16x Number Plate Screws

All items are available in refill quantities as well.