washme.ie air freshener. Car perfume for vent. Vanilla, citrus smell. Green tea scent for car. car smell. Long lasting car smell. present for car guy.

washme.ie Air Freshener Car Perfume

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The washme.ie range of luxurious car perfumes differs from other car fragrances and air fresheners with their unique appearance and are long-lasting for up to 50 days.

The unique and premium design offers dual-use and can be hung on the rearview mirror but also clipped into any ventilation grille.

This is the environmentally friendly solution to standard air fresheners in luxurious fragrances. 

Scents available

  • Oceanus
  • Vanilla
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Verbena & Limone
  • Scorza di Limone
  • Citrus Fresh & Green Tea

How to use washme.ie's Car Perfume

  • Screw off the wooden cap
  • Remove the plastic plug and screw back the wooden cap.
  • Turn the bottle upside down for 15-30 seconds, allowing the liquid to soak into the wood. The wooden cap will turn brownish.
  • Repeat the steps when needed, usually after a couple of days
For a stronger and intense scent, it is advised to use the car perfume on the air-vents.