Autoglym Active Insect Remover - It Fizzles and Sizzles

Autoglym Active Insect Remover - It Fizzles and Sizzles

Just back from a pleasant Sunday drive or clocking up miles on the motorway?

Have a look at the front of your car and it probably looks something like this.

Autoglym Active Insect Remover Autoglym Active Insect Remover

Bugs and insects covering the front, number plate, bonnet, windshield and mirrors of your car - Especially visible on brighter coloured cars like white and silver.

Autoglym has the perfect solution for this: Active Insect Remover

Active Insect Remover is a quick and easy way to remove insects that, if left untreated, could damage your paintwork and can be used as "spot clean" on its own with a microfibre cloth or as part of a wash if you intend to wash your car.

This blog article could be one sentence long as the application is really simple.

Spray on, leave for 30 seconds and wipe clean with a microfibre cloth. That's it!

But, as you have noticed in my other blog articles, I try to explain things a bit more in detail or post blogs that read like a love letter like the UHD Wax one. 

Spot Clean

The major advantage of the Active Insect Remover is its ease of use - Spray bottle in one hand, microfibre cloth in the other and off we go.

First, spray the Active Insect Remover liberally on any surface that has insects stuck on.

Autoglym Ireland Insect Remover Porsche

It is safe to use on glass, paintwork and even plastics such as wing mirror housings, headlights and design elements of the car such as grills etc. It is also very useful and safe for motorbike windshields and even helmet visors as the small amount of alcohol will not damage plastics but will leave a great finish on glass nonetheless.

Active Insect Remover has a slightly different trigger nozzle that foams up the product when it's being sprayed on, resulting in the thick foam staying on the surface much longer to allow the ingredients to work better. 

Autoglym Ireland Insect Remover Porsche


After Active Insect Remover is applied you have time to enjoy the nice, citrus smell while getting the microfibre cloth ready.

As said in my other blog posts, smell does not make a product better, but it enhances the overall experience. Same applies to the Autoglym UHD Wax or Super Resin Polish.

Active Insect Remover smells almost like an insect repellent you get from the supermarket or pharmacy. However, Active Insect Remover is not a repellant and will not magically repel insects while driving. Autoglym, if you are reading this, maybe ask your R&D team to look into Active Insect Remover 2 that will repel insects?

Also, have a listen to what Active Insect Remover sounds like. You can hear it fizzing like soda and sizzling like a steak!

Removing/wiping off 

Active Insect Remover does not need long to work its magic. 30 seconds is enough to wipe off and, if some stubborn spots remain, simply re-apply.

While it is safe to apply a bit more pressure when wiping off, the better way is to apply again and wait a longer before wiping off. If the product dried, spray over and wipe off.

Take your microfibre cloth and wipe off Active Insect Remover. The result will look like this! Note: I have intentionally taken the green microfibre cloth to highlight the amount of insects removed with just a few wipes. No pressure was applied!

Autoglym Car Polish Microfibre Cloth


Use it as part of a car wash 

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, Active Insect Remover can also be used as pre-clean before your normal car wash process with shampoo.

The application process is the same. Just, instead of wiping off with a microfibre cloth, the foam will be rinsed off with a hose or pressure washer.

Users the Polar range can use Active Insect Remover before or after Polar Blast, but before you use Polar Wash.

Autoglym Active Insect Remover


Did you know?

Thanks to its concentrated foam, Active Insect Remover works not only on cars or motorcycles but also on trucks, vans, caravans and even boats.

Active Insect Remover softens up bird droppings as well if left unattended for too long and Autoglym Bird Dropping Car Wipes might struggle. Spray over, let it work and wipe off carefully.

If bird droppings left marks on your paintwork, check out Autoglym Reflow.

Insects contain enzymes that can damage your paintwork. Not as bad as bird droppings, but still something you should be cautious about. 

Autoglym Professional Clean All has a similar effect on insects that can used by professionals and comes in 5 and 25 L containers.

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