Collection: Autoglym Polar Series

Pressure Wash with Autoglym Polar

You can now pre-wash, wash & protect with your pressure washer.

Autoglym Polar Blaster

Polar Blaster Snow Foam Gun creates lashings of thick, clingy foam on your car.

Autoglym Polar Blast

Polar Blast is a snow foam pre-wash covering the entire vehicle exterior in a magnificent blanket of foam ensures no surface is missed in the cleaning process.

Autoglym Polar Wash

Polar Wash is a safe and effective shampoo to be applied after pre-washing with Polar Blast.

Autoglym Polar Seal

Polar Seal is a protective and hydrophobic coating that has been specially formulated for application through a pressure washer with a foam gun. It causes water beading on your car, reduces drying time and protects paintwork for effortless follow-up washes.

The complete Autoglym Polar range is in stock in Cork or same-day dispatched shipping.