Collection: Liquid Elements

Liquid Elements Logo. Liquid Elements Ireland stockist

Liquid Elements is a German manufacturer of high quality car care products and are most notably known for their excellent range of polishing machines like the A1000 nano polisher and their extensive range of standard sized polishers like the T2000 and T4000.

    Why use Liquid Elements?

    Especially in Germany, the car care market is very competitive and there are many different manufacturers with much more choice. As a newcomer or enthusiast, you can lose track of things very quickly.
    This was one of the main ambitions to found Liquid Elements. Through our German manufacturing and development, we are closer to the customer than anyone else in this industry.
    Questions, suggestions or even requests, can be addressed directly to a professional team, which sits next door to the development and production. In this way many new products have been developed in the past.