RR Customs Bad Boys Leather Conditioner Satin. Hydrophobic Leather Conditioner. Smooth leather with matte finish. RR Customs Bad Boys Cork Ireland

Bad Boys Leather Conditioner Satin 5L

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RR Customs Bad Boys Leather Conditioner Satin is perfect to impregnate and nourish leather surfaces. The product penetrates deeply into the leather giving it flexibility, resilience and leather fragrance. By using BadBoys Leather Conditioner, the leather becomes soft and smooth again and leaves it glossy.

Also available as Leather Conditioner Matt here

    What is Bad Boys Leather Conditioner Satin

    • conditioner for smooth leathers
    • makes the leather surface more elastic, moisturised and nourished
    • prevents desiccation
    • preserves and extends the life of the leather surface
    • forms a transparent layer to ensure colour protection and safety
    • protects against UV radiation
    • pleasant leather fragrance
    • easy and ready to use
    • save if used as recommended
    • the product should not be used for rough leathers (e.g., nubuck, suede, velour, aniline leather)

    How to use Bad Boys Leather Conditioner Satin

    • before applying the conditioner, it is recommended to clean the surface with Bad Boys Leather Cleaner
    • shake the bottle before use
    • Leather Conditioner should be applied with a soft microfibre cloth or applicator on a dry, clean surface
    • apply in circular movements
    • spread evenly and leave to dry

    Additional Information

    • store in a dry and cool place at 5-25℃