Labocosmetica #Derma Leather Cleaner 2.0 500ml

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#DÈRMA CLEANER 2.0 is a concentrated, hydrating and purifying leather cleaner based on a balanced formula that gently cleans any type of leather upholstery. If not treated on a regular basis, leather in car interiors tends to get that classic shiny and worn look. 

#DÈRMA CLEANER 2.0 is the ideal product for maintaining the original and natural finish of leather upholstery over time. It can be used as a detergent for special cleaning on very ruined leather upholstery or as a maintenance product. Thanks to its special formula enriched with softeners with micellar function, it cleans leather surfaces while hydrating them, preventing premature ageing and preserving the original finish. It leaves a pleasant, fresh clean scent on treated surfaces.

#DÈRMA CLEANER 2.0 has passed strict international tests on virucidal and bactericidal activity conducted at external independent ISO 17025:2005-accredited laboratories. Specifically: • UNI EN 14476 Chemical disinfectants and anti-septics - Virucidal activity in the medical area • UNI EN 1276 Chemical disinfectants and anti-septics - Bactericidal activity • UNI EN 13697 Chemical disinfectants and anti-septics - Bactericidal activity - Without mechanical action. When bactericidal and virucidal efficacy tests are passed, in addition to offering the certainty of a hygienically perfect cleaning, it guarantees the complete removal and formation of unpleasant odours. 

Available in 100ml, 500ml and 4500ml here

How to use Labocosmetica #Derma Cleaner 2.0
Special cleaning: remove most of the dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner. Dispense the product directly onto the surface, use a paint brush or brush with soft bristles to create a foam. Use a soft microfibre cloth to remove the product.
Routine cleaning: dilute the product 1:1 by spraying it directly on the surface and then rub with a microfiber cloth. To protect treated surfaces and keep them waterproof and supple, reducing the risk of cracking, use specific product #DÈRMA SEALANT.