Bilt Hamber Double Speed-Wax 250ml Carnauba Wax

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Award-winning, ultra durable and easy-to-use paste wax with medium-hard film.

The carnauba wax used provides a deep rich glossy, highly water repellent, hydrophobic and detergent resistant film.

Bilt Hamber double speed-wax provides an economic and superior alternative to costly paste waxes which simply do not compete performance wise with this material.

What's in the Box?

  • double speed-wax in a 250ml tin
  • 1 microfibre cloth
  • 1 app-pad

How to use Bilt Hamber double speed-wax

  1. Thoroughly wash the vehicle with hot soapy water, only use salt-free automotive shampoos such as auto-wash.
  2. Dry vehicle using chamois leather or synthetic equivalent.
  3. double speed-wax is not an abrasive polish, if your paintwork is faded, feels rough or has not been polished for a long period it will be necessary to use an abrasive polish and/or paint clay before application.
  4. Once prepared in this way, regular application of double speed-wax will maintain a high gloss finish without the need for further use of abrasive polishes.
  5. Work on shaded cool panels. Dampen the sponge applicator provided and wring out as much as possible before use. Using the sponge applicator provided apply in light circular motions extremely sparingly and allow to dull for approx 5-10 minutes.
  6. Buff to a high shine using the blue microfibre cloth provided - turn frequently.
  7. Occasionally, under certain humid application conditions, the applied film may bloom after initial application and buffing.
  8. The bloom will disappear once the film is fully cured, or it can be removed immediately with a wipe down / buff with a slightly damp buffing cloth.
  9. This is a characteristic of the T1 carnauba wax used in the manufacture of this product.
  10. Both the applicator pad and the microfibre cloth can be washed for reuse. Do not use fabric conditioner.

Applicator pads should be stored away from direct sunlight.

Double speed-wax specifications

Double Speed-Wax Safety Data Sheet