Labocosmetica Pad Kit 2.0 - 145mm

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All thats needed to bring the best out of Labocosmetica #Audace, #Fiero and #Leale.

The Labocosmetica Pad Kit 2.0 consists of:

Microfibre Pad

  • Heavy cut Hybrid Pad is extremely versatile and can be used with medium compound or polish.

Blue Pad

  • Excellent cutting power, ideal for starting the finishing phase due to its medium hardness.

Yellow Pad

  • Good cutting power, excellent finishing power that makes it ideal for closing cutting phase and for starting the finishing step.

Black Pad

  • Extremely high finishing power, perfect for closing polishing phase due to its softness.


  • To use with Random Order or Rotary polishing machine.


  • Diameter 145mm
  • Height 20mm

Care: Washable