Liquid Elements Pepper Mint Cloth 40x40cm 500gsm

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The Liquid Elements Pepper Mint is the perfect towel for the rinse-less or dry washes. 

Due to the ultrasonically cut edge and the extremely fluffy fibres, it is one of the best towels for processing dry wash or other cleaners, as the surface to be cleaned is cleaned as gently as possible.

The Pepper Mint can also be used to with quick detailers or to clean sensitive surfaces such as high gloss kitchen fronts in the house.
Also perfectly suited for nourishing cleaning on sensitive surfaces in the vehicle interior.

The Pepper Mint microfiber cloth is suitable for the following operations:

  • Processing of dry¬†cleaning
  • Processing of Quick Detailers
  • Processing of interior cleaners
  • Cleaning of any sensitive surfaces in the vehicle interior and on the outside of the vehicle

Dimension and Properties

  • Size: 40x40 cm
  • Weight: 500gsm
  • Perfect for brushless and dry washing
  • No separate use of water is necessary
  • Perfect for show and exhibition vehicles or at events
  • Ultrasonically cut edge
  • Extremely soft and fluffy fibres
  • Also suitable for sensitive surfaces in the household
  • Alternatively, can be used in the interior


    • 80% Polyester
    • 20% Polyamide

    How to wash Microfibre?

    Washable at up to 60¬įC with¬†Bad Boys Microfibre Wash¬†here