Collection: Autoglym

Autoglym is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of car care products. Established in 1965 Autoglym products have been used by generations of car enthusiasts and professionals.

Autoglym is known for its world-class car polish product Super Resin Polish and their UHD range including UHD car wash shampoo, UHD Wax and UHD Ceramic Coating.  Autoglym products are easy to use and cost-effective not only for the car enthusiast abut also for professional valeting and the trade.

The last development from Autoglym saw the Autoglym Polar Series, offering a quick and easy way to apply pre-wash snow foam, shampoo and a hydrophobic sealant with a power washer and a foam gun.

The quality of Autoglym products was officially recognised in the ’90s by the Royal Family. Autoglym is the sole supplier of car care products to the Royal Household. You may have seen two coats of arms on our products and wondered just what they mean – these are the mark of a Royal Warrant, an official seal of sovereign approval.

The complete Autoglym range, at the best price, is in stock in Cork or same-day dispatched shipping.