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Established in 2005, ShineMate started his first manufacturing plant to offer various kinds of pads for polishing, grinding and sanding including wool pads, foam pads, PUR moulded backing plates, rubber pads, hand sanding blocks etc.

ShineMate offers an incredible range of high quality tools in all sizes from Rotary to Dual Action polishers with different throws. ShineMate also produces cordless, battery powered polishing machines that outperform most of its competitors. All ShineMate machines are made in their own factory are not relabelled copies of other machines on the market.

From 2009 ShineMate expanded the business to electric polishing machines manufacturing and offer the complete polishing tool range to the automotive polishing and refinishing section.

With the in-depth study of the paint polishing process, profound experience, as well as the continuous innovation and superb production technology. ShineMate won customers trust and love.

We at have access to all parts for any of the offered machines and all tools come with a 1 year parts warranty.