Bilt Hamber Auto-Clay Clay Bar 200g Soft

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Best clay bar award-winning product for 7 years in a row.

Effortlessly lift iron particles from paintwork and leave the paint as smooth as glass.

Bilt-Hamber clay-bars are designed to effortlessly restore the factory smooth finish to paint finishes. They have received critical acclaim in the detailing industry for being the most durable, cost-effective and well-designed clay-bars available today.

Auto Express Magazine, a giant in the car magazine world, has awarded auto-clay with their Best Clay Bar award every year for the last 5! Also, they compared the clay-cloths to clay-bars in one recent test, where they concluded that bars were better and that auto-clay was the pick of the bunch once again!

Soft or Medium clay bar?


  • If the paint is in good condition, if you like to clay your vehicle frequently
  • In cold weather use Soft


  • For paintwork that is in a reasonable condition
  • The easier folding of the clay to expose a fresh working surface will be very beneficial.
  • Available here

Quick guide

Run your fingers over your freshly washed and dried paintwork. Feel for a rough, gritty texture? This is caused by embedded particles. Bonnets are often the most contaminated.

If you can feel these particles atomise a fine mist of clean tap water over a 2-3 square feet area, using a plant mister or suitable spray.

Glide the auto-clay over the wet surface, properly lubricated clay will move effortlessly just like an ice hockey puck on ice.

You may well hear the contamination at first, this will quickly reduce as you move the bar back-and-forth. Keep the bar moving until the noise has gone

Check again with your fingertips to check that all the contamination was removed.

Once your car’s paint is glass smooth, use cleanser-polish or double speed-wax to seal the pores and provide a deep gloss shine.

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