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Liquid Elements Clay Bar Kit

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The Liquid Elements Clay Kit is perfect to clean paintwork and pore-deep or to prepare for a subsequent preparation.

This kit consists of

Liquid Elements Clay Lube is a specially developed clay lubricant for the use of clay bars.

The ingredients used not only protect the plasticine, but also ensure an enormous sliding behavior.

Protects against scratches and marring in the clay process and prevents the porous disintegration of the clay bar as it would happen, for example, when using detergent as a lubricant.

Liquid Elements Clay Bar can be used on all smooth surfaces, such as glass, car paint, stainless steel, etc. 
For the removal of tar marks, iron, rust and environmental influences. 

Liquid Elements "Value" microfibre cloths are for easy work on vehicles. (Alloys, glass, removal of polish).

The seamless microfibre border allows for a gentle and scratch-resistant surface treatment.