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Dr. Beasley’s car care products empower professionals and enthusiasts alike with uncompromising solutions that preserve and protect the vehicle at the highest level.

We reject the harmful chemicals mass market brands use. We spare no expense in sourcing premium ingredients. We craft entirely new technologies to go beyond what’s possible in detailing. All so our customers can produce impeccable results at no expense to the vehicle’s health.

This relentless drive for excellence stems from our three-part automotive care philosophy that focuses on preserving and enhancing the health of vehicle, user and environment.

Health of the vehicle

Like the doctor’s oath to “Do No Harm”, Dr. Beasley’s strives not only to preserve vehicular health, but to improve it. We dissect the practice of detailing to eliminate ingredients or processes that compromise the vehicle’s health, then work to source safer, higher quality ingredients and engineer new technologies.

Take our DxPrime technology, for example. We recognized that premature coating failures were jeopardizing vehicular health, so we sourced hard-to-find ingredients and rethought the entire paintwork correction process to engineer a technology that ensures a durable bond every time. For our customers’ vehicles, it’s worth it.

Health of the user

Detailers get up close and personal with every chemical they use, so we always look for new ways to engineer products that make detailing healthier. We take feedback from our own shop and our Authorized Detailers to dial in on what ingredients, formulations or processes can be improved to protect the user’s health.

It was this approach that actually led Jim to craft products in the first place. Seeing how badly mass market car wash soap was drying out his detailers’ hands, Jim custom-formulated a new soap with moisturizing lanolin to ensure their skin stayed healthy as they tackled the day’s work. That soap? Premium Body Wash.

Health of the environment

We as chemical manufacturers have a responsibility to protect the environment; not just for ourselves but for the sake of our families and communities. In seeking out new ingredients and technologies, we constantly re-evaluate environmental impact and search for components that won’t harm the Earth we call home.

In pursuit of this ideal, we’ve moved to make many of our products readily biodegradable to ensure safe disposal. We’ve engineered a waterless wash for matte finishes. We’ve even developed revolutionary new VOC-free coatings that don’t outgas harmful chemicals. It’s not about “being green”; it’s about protecting what we hold dear.