Collection: Maniac Line

The new detailing line devoted to all Car Maniacs!

Maniac Line by MA-FRA, Labocosmetica's parent company, is the line of high performance and technological content products for true car care enthusiasts, those who are not satisfied with a traditional product line.
It could be defined as an extension, a spin-off, the "capsule collection" of MA-FRA.

We address to aesthetic performance maniacs, extreme car-lovers, perfect detail seekers, car detailing enthusiasts who can now finally unleash their passion easily and without complications.

For those people who consider this activity more than a simple hobby, but one of the most fulfilling passions in life.

Their true LOVE! is the official supplier of Maniac in Ireland.

Ma Fra Maniac Line Ireland. Better than ADBL, Autoglym. Labocosmetica Ireland. Ma Fra Ireland