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Handmade in England, tuned in Germany - High-performance car care with ULTRA beading.
Detailing products developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts
NEOWAX offers proven carnauba waxes of the highest quality level T1 with innovative content for
high performance and no harmful ingredients.
NEOWAX abstains from carcinogenic solvents, develops state-of-the-art paint protection products,
waxes, sealers, vehicle care with professional detailers and enthusiastic users.


NEOWAX №5 Primer is a graphene infused ceramic coating like primer that can be used as a base coat for NEOWAX №6

NEOWAX №6 is an adaptive fibre-coating, superior to standard ceramic coatings, that protects paintwork, alloy wheels, synthetic glossy foil coatings and powder coating.

The coating can be layered and offers weatherproofing, wet look with the shine of natural wax with super-beading for up to 36 months.

Developed and tested with professional detailing specialists in Germany and the UK.