NEOWAX №1 (200ml)

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NEOWAX №1 impresses with its deep gloss and ultra water beading. Performs very strong on all pain surfaces and colours thanks to the high-quality T1 Carnauba wax. 

The perfectly balanced wax is very easy to apply thanks to the smooth T1 high-quality Carnauba wax, German Montan wax from Saxony-Anhalt, English bee wax and silicon dioxide (SiO2).

Carnauba Wax is a natural care product that gives you a wet-look / candy gloss deep shine.

The result is a crystal clear shine thanks to the perfect symbiosis of hard inorganic ingredients and soft, organic substances.

NEOWAX №1 comes in high-quality designer Miron glass to protect the valuable content from drying out and to ensure a long shelf life so you enjoy the wax for longer.


  • Perfect for every paint colour
  • Deep gloss and wet look
  • Ultra-Beading
  • Handmade with the best ingredients from around the world
  • A must for enthusiasts, professional detailers, conditioners and collectors
  • 200ml is sufficient for up to 40 applications
  • The wax, correctly applied, has a service life given as 3-6 months and varies depending on the preparatory work, mileage and the environmental influences.

What's in the Box?

  • NEOWAX №1 200ml in designer Miron glass
  • 1 high-quality buffing microfibre cloth (350 gsm)
  • Information leaflet

How to use NEOWAX №1

  1. Thoroughly wash the vehicle
  2. Dry vehicle
  3. NEOWAX №1 is not an abrasive polish, if your paintwork is faded, feels rough or has not been polished for a long period it will be necessary to use an abrasive polish and/or paint clay before application.
  4. Work on shaded cool panels. Use an applicator and apply in light, circular motions extremely sparingly and allow to dull for approx 10 minutes.
  5. Buff to a high shine using the provided yellow microfibre cloth - turn frequently.