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Official Bilt Hamber products in Cork, Ireland.

Bilt Hamber Laboratories is an innovative UK manufacturer of award-winning car care & detailing products. Known for auto-foam snow foam, auto-clay bar, auto-wash shampoo, Korrosol fallout remover, double-speed T1 carnauba wax and much more. 

High quality detailing products used by professionals and consumers due to ease of use and high-end finishes.

As one of the only few shops we stock their latest products including Bilt Hamber touch-less, a biodegradable snow foam, and Bilt Hamber touch-on, a new hydrophobic spray-on sealant.

Bilt Hamber auto-clay Paint smoothing clay bar. Best clay bar since 2010.

Bilt Hamber auto-foam High powered pressure washer snow foam detergent

Bilt Hamber touch-less Biodegradable and environmentally friendly snow foam pre-wash.

Bilt Hamber touch-on Hydrophobic ceramic paint protection treatment

Bilt Hamber auto-wash Highly concentrated vehicle shampoo

Bilt Hamber auto-wheel Non-acid, non-alkaline alloy wheel cleaner.

Bilt Hamber cleanser-polish All-in-one surface car polish

Bilt Hamber double speed-wax Ultra-durable easy to use paste wax

Bilt Hamber Korrosol Colour changing iron & fallout remover

Bilt Hamber Surfex HD Water-based All-Purpose Cleaner (APC)

Bilt Hamber Deox-C Crystalline non-toxic rust remover that creates a powerful corrosion removal bath.

Bilt Hamber Deox-Gel Non-toxic rust removal gel for parts not able to be soaked in deox-C bath

Bilt Hamber Atom-Mac Easy to use rust and corrosion inhibitor

Bilt Hamber Dynax-S50 anti-corrosion wax for cavities, voids and long term protection.

Bilt Hamber Dynax-UC see-through long term anti-corrosion wax.

Bilt Hamber Dynax-UB high-performance anti-corrosion wax designed for car underbodies.

All Bilt-Hamber products are in stock in Cork or same-day dispatched shipping.